Crewneck T-shirt - Triple Heavyweight Tsuriami - Black

Size: XS

The Triple Heavyweight Crewneck Tsuriami T-Shirt, crafted from an unparalleled 593GSM (17.5oz per square yard) jersey, sets a new standard in fabric heft—nearly tripling the weight of traditional heavyweight jerseys. This exceptional heft is achieved not through modern methods, but with the use of our century-old "tsuriami" circular knitting machines located in Wakayama, Japan. Unlike conventional knitting equipment, these machines operate at a deliberate, slow pace, producing fabric at a rate of just 1 meter per hour. Crafted from American Texas cotton, the resulting fabric features a distinctive uneven slub texture that infuses it with rugged charm. The fabric's comfort increases with each wash and wear, ensuring the garment not only endures but evolves, becoming a treasured piece that matures alongside its wearer.

The Crew Neck T-Shirt has a modern athletic fit with binder neck ribbed collar, union special flat side seam construction and is made in Japan.

  • 593gsm / 17.5oz per square yard
  • 100% Cotton
  • Japanese Fabric
  • Made in Japan
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