Founded by Bahzad Trinos and Risa Saito, Wonder Looper began as a humble chainstitch embroidery service in their home studio in Yokohama, Japan. They brought the beautiful art of hand-operated chainstitch embroidery to life, initially embroidering unique patterns onto generic blank t-shirts. However, it quickly became apparent that these mass-produced tees didn’t match the premium quality of the intricate embroidery. They felt unworthy of the detailed craftsmanship being poured into them. This realization sparked a new ambition: to create t-shirts that met the high standards of their embroidery.

Refusing to settle for anything less than exceptional, Bahzad and Risa embarked on a mission to develop the right t-shirt. They leveraged their extensive knowledge and experience in the apparel industry, utilizing the best production methods and materials that Japan has to offer. The result was their double heavyweight t-shirts.

Their journey didn't stop there. Driven by creativity and passion, they wanted to explore more fun and innovative fabrics. They ventured into other categories, pushing the boundaries of what premium knitwear could be. Now, their collection includes a variety of t-shirts and sweatshirts, all showcasing unique and rare fabrics.

At Wonder Looper, it isn't just about producing clothes—it's about setting new standards. Each garment they create reflects their commitment to meticulous craftsmanship and quality. Their fabrics aren't just rare; they reflect their relentless pursuit of the extraordinary.

Wonder Looper doesn't just manufacture garments; they craft stories woven from the finest fabrics and expressed through exceptional quality. Their goal isn't merely to be the best in the world of knitwear; they strive to elevate the entire world of knitwear.

To learn more about Wonder Looper and their creations, check out their YouTube channel: Wonder Looper.