Wonder Looper emerged from the shared passion and inventive minds of our founders, Risa Saito and Bahzad Trinos. The couple's obsession with quality and intricacy led them to the revered knitting mills of Japan, setting the stage for their creations.


Their journey began in a quaint atelier in Yokohama, Japan, where they specialized in chainstitch embroidery. Here, unique patterns were embroidered onto pieces using antique hand-operated chainstitching machines.


Over time they grew wary of the canvas they were using - generic blank t-shirts – as it didn’t match the superior quality of the embroidery. They found that these mass-produced tees lacked the premium feel that they wanted their artwork to be displayed on. It was a discrepancy that didn't align with their vision for excellence and attention to detail.


Unwilling to accept the conventional, Risa and Bahzad ventured into a quest for the extraordinary. Leveraging their extensive experience in the apparel industry, they aimed to create a product worthy of their artwork, giving birth to their double heavyweight t-shirts. This shift wasn't merely a slight adaptation, but the catalyst to an uncontrolled explosion of creative obsession - pushing the boundaries of conventional knitwear.


Our journey into knitwear is more than just producing clothes - it's about redefining standards. Each garment we create bears the mark of our commitment and meticulousness. The fabrics we use aren't just rare - they're a testament to our relentless pursuit for the unusual, the unique, the exceptional.


At Wonder Looper, we don't just manufacture garments - we craft stories. Stories woven in the finest fabric and narrated through exceptional quality. As a brand, we're not merely committed to being the best in the world of knitwear, but we strive to make the world of knitwear the best it can be.


To learn more about us and what we make, please check out our YouTube channel.