Caring for knitwear doesn’t need to be complicated by following these simple tips you can prolong the life of your garment.



We recommend machine washing using a cold setting, 30 degrees.  To avoid color transfer, ensure items are washed with similar colors.  Flip the garment inside out to reduce visible pilling.  By doing so the natural abrasion that occurs inside the washing machine will mostly affect the inner side of the garment.
Washing your knitwear in warmer temperatures may lead to the garment shrinking and colors fading.


After wash the garment should be gently stretched back out to shape and then laid flat to dry.   You should avoid the dryer as this can lead to further shrinkage and color degradation. 


Cover the garment with a press cloth and set the iron to a low temperature setting.  When ironing use steam to add moisture to the garment allowing it to flatten with less effort.


Knitwear is best stored folded on a flat surface, avoiding direct sunlight.  Hanging the garment for prolonged periods can stretch out the garment.